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Common Pests in Woodland Hills

Examples are listed below of significant pest control threats to Woodland Hills, Utah:

  • Termites – The most expensive item most of us ever buy is a home or other real estate. Hundreds of thousands of dollars are invested, and one pest control issue is often overlooked: termites. When unchecked, termites can destroy the skeleton of a home, rendering it unstable, unsellable, and even unsafe.
  • Spiders –Despite their size, spider bites can cause permanent damage to humans…especially to feet, hands, and other extremities. This is partially due to the strength of their venom, but also how close to humans spiders spin their webs. The result is pest control problems in both homes as well as businesses, warehouses, and the like.
  • Rodents – Yes, rodents are not poisonous or venomous. However, rodents present dangers to Utah county residents another way: disease. Known to carry multiple diseases in larger doses than their insect counterparts, adequate pest control is needed to prevent those diseases from entering homes, particularly kitchens and bedrooms, as that is where rodents love to nest…near human food.
  • Scorpions – Less frequently seen in Woodland Hills and Utah County, scorpions present perhaps the most serious pest control threat. Young scorpions are more mobile—and more poisonous—than older scorpions. Stings from these scorpions can threaten the lives of infants and even toddlers. Homeowners need to understand the severity of this pest control issue.
  • Cockroaches – Like rodents, cockroaches carry diseases. Unlike rodents, however, they are far more difficult to track down, and to ultimately eliminate. Professional intervention is almost always necessary to eradicate a cockroach infestation.

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