Utah Termite Control

Termites. Even just a few of these tiny insects can leave you with thousands of dollars of damage to repair.

Whether used for business or residential purposes, no wooden structure is immune to termites. Once present in the structure of your home, you likely won’t realize termites are there until some serious damage has already been done.

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Signs of Termite Infestation

Some of the most common signs of termite infestation are:

  • 1

    Swarms of winged termites (this can occur anytime from spring to summer).

  • 2

    The presence of discarded wings near possible points of entry into your home.

  • 3

    Sawdust and other visible wood damage.

  • 4

    Mud tubes present where exterior walls of your home meet the ground.

Prevention is Key

With termites, prevention truly is the best remedy. Termites tend to gain access to a home through the following points of entry:

  • Foundational cracks or cracks near plumbing.
  • Walls, piers, and any other element of the foundation.
  • Expansion points on the exterior of your home.

Know What You are Dealing With

While there are three main types of termites (Dampwood, Drywood, and Subterranean), Subterranean are the most common termite you’re likely to encounter in Utah. These termites are often found in basements since they typically build their colonies underground, preferring the moisture that can be found there.

Termites? We Can Help

At the first signs of termites, it’s important to contact a pest control specialist immediately. At Preventive Pest Control, we have extensive knowledge of termites—what to watch for, how to identify an infestation, and how to exterminate them. Once you’ve contacted us, we’ll assess your termite situation as soon as possible to prevent any further damage to the structure of your home. Even if you’re skeptical that termites are the cause of whatever problems you’re experiencing in your home, it’s important to reach out to a professional right away to at least rule them out as the culprit.

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