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Utah Christmas Light Installation... More Than Just Our Side Hustle

Serving the Weber, Summit, Davis, Salt Lake & Utah County areas Why You Should Hire Us to Install Your Christmas Lights This Year

Houses decorated for the holiday season are such a joy to see. However, trying to figure out how to reach the gables and peaks of your two-story (or taller!) home on a twelve- or fifteen-foot ladder is terrifying. You want to greet friends and family as you are, not in a full cast!

Additionally, CDC data hints that a lot of seniors may feel overconfident about their physical abilities. Annually, 7 million seniors experience serious injury as a result of a fall. Homeowners in their golden years are often up to the challenge of trying to put up their own Christmas lights, and we’d like to help them avoid becoming a part of this statistic. We want to be a source of help to anyone in need.

If you need any more reasons to hire us to put up your Christmas lights, here's a few:

  • It's dangerous, don't get caught in the cold doing it, that's why we're here!
  • We do it well and we do it right.
  • We guarantee our installation for one year. If you purchase the bulbs from us, we'll replace broken lights or strings for up to one year from your installation.
  • For any installs damaged or impacted by weather, we'll come back and fix the issue at your request.

We've already started booking light installations for this year. Don't be caught hanging from your gutters trying to put up your lights. Call us and let us come help you!

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Utah Christmas Light Install Types

We do different types of holiday light installations. It doesn't matter where you want Christmas lights installed, we can do it.

Residential Rooflines

Residential rooflines from one to three stories up are covered under our installation services. We can take your lights all the way around your roofline and have them plug into an outlet where the cord won't be seen from the street. Leave the lights up all year and only turn them on during the holidays, or have us come and take them down after December and put them up again next year-- your choice.

Commercial Rooflines

We do commercial rooflines too. These can be more difficult to do depending on the building (house roofs make it a lot easier). If a building is taller than three stories, we use a boom lift truck or cherry picker to get up there, or whatever roof access door you have.

Tree Lighting

Got some beautiful trees on your property that make excellent outdoor Christmas trees? Maybe they're a little too tall or bushy for you to wrap lights around? Not a problem! We can help you turn them into beautiful outdoor holiday decorations in no time. (Please note: We don't do indoor tree light installations unless you have trees over ten feet tall and you need help decorating them!)

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Christmas Light Installation and Removal: How It Works and What It Costs

The price we charge for Christmas light installation is $6 per linear foot for rooflines and $6 per 25" strand for trees. On the day of installation:

  • You don't even have to be home
  • We bring all of our own equipment, including ladders and hardware to help hang the lights
  • Let us know where the outlets are outside so that we can plug your lights in and make a plan of action that doesn't leave the lights dangling oddly
If We Purchase Lights for You...

We can and will purchase lights for you as part of the install. If you choose this option, there is an additional charge, of course. It's the cost of the lights plus the labor to install as well as take them down in January. Depending on the total footage around your roofline, the price range and final cost varies.

The Average Light Installation on Most Homes Costs...

The average cost for this service when we purchase the lights for you is around $600. Of course, if the house is quite a bit larger, has more gables to cover, etc., the price goes up. If you would like an estimate of the cost first, we'd be more than happy to take measurements of your rooflines and let you know what the final cost might be.

What You Get

  • Complete peace of mind
  • Guaranteed light functionality - if we bought them, we should be responsible for them! If any of your lights go out, we'll replace and reinstall them for one year.
  • Protection from weather damage, we'll fix or replace any lines or lights damaged by inclement weather
  • Purchased Christmas lights (They are yours forever now)
  • Complete installation (plug it in and see your home light up!)
  • Complete takedown /removal after the holiday season anytime after the new year
  • Lights placed in your bins at your request
If You Already Own Lights

Want to use lights you already own? Not a problem, we’d be happy to install them for you. The cost of labor for set up and takedown will be $3 per linear foot. And if any of the bulbs are burnt out we can replace them during installation for a small fee.

The Average Cost of Installation with Your Own Lights

If you provide your own lights, the average price for installation and takedown is around $375 for the whole house.

What You Get When We Install Your Lights
  • Peace of mind
  • Protection from weather damage, we'll reinstall wherever the installation is compromised due to weather.
  • Complete installation (plug it in and see your home light up!)
  • Complete takedown/removal after the holiday season anytime after the new year
  • Lights placed in your bins at your request

Christmas Light Removal: What Happens After the Holidays

Enjoy your lights from anytime in November through January or February. At that point, we contact you to discuss taking your lights down and scheduling an appointment. Don't worry! You get to keep your lights no matter what and we are always very careful taking things down.

One very important thing to keep in mind is Christmas light take down begins around mid-January and ends at the end of February. If the customer wishes to keep them on beyond February, they will forfeit their chance to have us remove their Christmas lights and will either have to keep them up or take them down themselves.

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Q. Is take-down included in the cost?

A. Yes

Q. What if some of the lights break? Will you come back and fix them?

A. If the customer purchases the lights within the first year, yes, if not, there is an additional charge.

Q. Why hire a professional to do Christmas lights?

A. There's no mistakes, everything is done perfectly, and we are licensed, bonded and insured so there's no repercussions if our installers are hurt while doing their jobs.

Q. How long does installation take?

A. It depends on how many feet of Christmas light are being installed as well as the complexity of the install but our crew starts and completes most jobs within 2-4 hours.

Q. Do I have to take them down, or can I leave them up?

A. Customers can opt to leave them up. If they leave them up beyond the end of February, they will be responsible for their own removal.

Q. Do I get to keep the lights if I purchase them from you?

A. Absolutely! Store them in a place of your choosing and we will happily use the same lights for any future installations.

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