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West Point, Utah

Finding insects or rodents in your home or workplace can be a huge problem. Pests can carry any number of diseases and leave residents exposed to germs. They can also cause damage to property, some even affecting the integrity of the structure itself. And spotting an intruder, even a small furry one, can leave you feeling uneasy. Fortunately, Preventive Pest Control in West Haven is equipped to evacuate all of those unwanted pests.

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DIY vs. Professional Pest Control Service

Safety Is in Our Nature

There are a number of things you can do yourself to prevent or eliminate pests on your property, from store-bought sprays to cleanliness and repairs. However, there is no guarantee that your attempts will be successful or safe. Preventive Pest Control specialists are trained to take care of specific pests that you’ll find in West Haven. We know how to recognize different variations of insects and rodents so that we can use the most effective treatments for the pests you have a problem with. We know which chemicals are safe for your family and pets, and how to properly apply them.

Lawn and Garden

We also offer fertilization, weed removal, and insect treatments for your lawn and garden. We can rid your yard of dandelions, foxtails, thistles, crabgrass, and more. It is beneficial to have your lawn area treated along with your home to ensure the entire area is bug and rodent-free. Check out our weed control and lawn care services.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Preventive Pest Control specializes in preventing pests from ever becoming a problem, but we also get rid of pests that have already invaded your space. We will treat your property for year-round protection and will continue to treat the area if the first treatments are unsuccessful.

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