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Sunset, UT

Whether you live in Sunset, elsewhere in Davis County, or any other part of Utah, a lack of pest control is not a laughing matter. Everyone deserves to feel safe where they live and work, and effective pest control is a necessity for that safety.

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Pest Control Examples


In addition to being an especially scary and unsettling pest, spiders present very literal danger to those around them, including here in Sunset, Utah. Spider bites—particularly to the arms, hands, feet, and legs—can inflict permanent damage to flesh, muscles, tissues, and even nerves. Without adequate pest control, spiders spin webs and make homes in remarkable proximity to humans, causing pest control problems in both homes as well as commercial and investment buildings.


Exponentially larger than spiders and other insects requiring pest control, rodents such as mice and rats present serious problems of their own to Sunset, Utah residents. Able to squeeze through remarkably small cracks and crevices, rodents bring germs and disease wherever they go. Worst of all…they tend to burrow and nest in bathrooms, dining rooms, and especially kitchens. Being in such close proximity to both people and our food, the importance of effective pest control rises exponentially.


Although not quite as common to Sunset, Utah and Davis County, do not be fooled…they most definitely are around, and present a serious pest control threat. Smaller, younger scorpions are more active, more agile and able to navigate smaller home imperfections, and unfortunately are the most poisonous of their kind. Scorpion stings can even be lethal if the recipient is three years of age or younger. Do not allow such a risk to thrive in your home–pest control is the answer.

Cockroaches, Ants, and Termites

Interested in learning about these pests? Check out our services pages to learn more information on the many pests in Sunset, Utah.

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