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Boxelder Bugs get their name from the Boxelder Tree as they are often found around them. They are black with an orange or red marking on their back and are typically 1/2 an inch long. Although it is not common for them to bite, they are caught the nuisance for residents.

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Boxelder Bug

Signs of Boxelder Bug Infestation

Here are some signs to look for when you suspect you may have a boxelder bug infestation in your home or on your property.

  • 1

    Even just a few boxelder bugs around the home

  • 2

    Nesting grounds in and around windows

  • 3

    Nymphs on the ground or in gardens feeding throughout the summer.

The Problem with Boxelder Bugs

Boxelder bugs are a concern because they enter homes and other buildings, often in large numbers. You might not notice them as frequently in the summer, but they can become an issue when they try to move into homes during fall to find a warm place to hide for winter.

Boxelder Bugs in Utah

Although they are typically found in the colder months, they become more prevalent and we receive more phone call complaints about them starting in August. Especially if your home has large, mature trees in or around the property.

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