Satisfaction Guaranteed Christmas Light Installation

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Why PPC Utah?

7 Reasons to go with us for Christmas light Installation:

  • 1

    100% Professional Install Guaranteed

    Sleep like a baby, knowing your lights won’t tumble down at 3 AM.

  • 2

    Guaranteed Light Functionality

    We sold 'em, we’ll solve 'em! If a bulb goes dark, we’ll spark it back to life! Just give us a call and we'll fix it.

  • 3

    Weather Damage Protection

    Rain, snow, or wind, we’ve got your lights covered. We’ll fix or replace any 
storm-tossed lines or lights.

  • 4

    Purchased Christmas Lights

    They're yours forever, like a puppy... but with less maintenance.

  • 5

    Complete Installation

    Just plug it in and watch your home turn into a winter wonderland. No ladder gymnastics required!

  • 6

    Complete Takedown/Removal

    We’ll un-deck your halls anytime after the New Year, simply request a 
take down date.

  • 7

    Lights Placed in Your Bins

    At your request, we’ll tuck your lights into their bed, ready for a long summer’s nap.

Call for a Quote 801-566-5590

We're Good!

Our Work Speaks for Itself

Call for a Quote 801-566-5590

“They showed up on time for my appointment and finished up quickly, with no mess. My lights are bright LEDs and evenly spaced. Plus they will come in the next week to take the lights down and box them up. They look great and it’s nice to not have to worry about them.”

— Jesse P