What Causes An Ant Problem

So you’re sitting in your dining room enjoying a nice family meal around the table. BAM – your heart jumps because out of nowhere you see a big, black ant just cruisin’ down your dinner table looking for a free meal. The worst part is, you killed two ants in your kitchen in the last two days! Um, no thanks!

What is causing the ant problem? Is there something you are doing in your home that is attracting these insects? Or maybe you are not sure if this is an ant problem at all. Figuring out why the ants are exploring your home can help you rid your home of the ants. We’re going to help you.

What Is Causing Your Ant Problem

1. Food is out in the open

Food and crumbs around your home are the number one cause for ants to invade your space. Free food creates an ant free-for-all. Ants need food to survive, and they’re going to take advantage of any free offerings. Taking time to immediately clean up spills and crumbs around your home may be just what you need to rid yourself of these unwanted insects. Ensuring food packages are tightly closed up will also deter ants from looking for their next meal in your pantry.

2. Your Garbage Can Attracts Ants

Most people don’t think about the garbage can as a playground for unwelcomed ant visitors. But it is. Garbage cans are filled with the decaying remains of your food. The smell is hard to resist for ant scouts, and once they discover the existence of this free meal, you’ll likely see ant problems become more severe. Cleaning out the inside of your garbage can regularly reduces the amount of sticky residue left behind, which ant colonies are more likely to be attracted to.

3. Leaking Faucets and Pipes Attract Ants

Ants need water. Especially in dry desert locations, the reliability of a nice leaky faucet providing much-needed hydration is too tempting for an ant to pass up. Unfortunately, ant scouts will also try and return to the ant colony with this good news. If you leave a faucet or pipe leaking, ant colonies can become very persistent over time. These ant problems are difficult to fix on your own.

4. Rotting Wood Creates A Home for Carpenter Ants

No one wants rotting wood any more than someone wants an ant problem. Finding both issues in your home is no bueno. Keeping up on yard work, clearing your yard of fallen branches, and removing old tree stumps will clear away the perfect home for a colony of ants to find refuge in.

I’ve Spotted Ants – What Now

If you’ve spotted ants, and it seems to be a common occurrence in your home, it’s time to call a professional. At Preventive Pest Utah, we can track down ant problems and determine how to clear out ant colonies in a safe and environmentally friendly way. Let’s talk!