How To Get Rid of Ants and Spiders In Your House

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No one likes to find ants or spiders in their house. Opening your cabinet, pulling back your bed sheet, or moving your furniture should not be a game of hide-and-seek with these little creatures. If it is, we know you’d like to end this game swiftly! There are various ways to get rid of ants and spiders in your house. Once you address your current ant and spider problem, there are also preventative measures you can take in the future to keep your unwanted guests from coming back!

Getting Rid of Ants and Spiders

There are a few ways to get rid of spiders and ants in your house. You can use insecticides, natural remedies, or traps.


Insecticides are chemicals that kill insects. They come in the form of sprays, powders, granules, and baits. When using insecticides, always read the label carefully and follow the directions precisely.

To terminate ants, you can spray the insecticides directly on the anthill. You can also spray along baseboards, door and window frames, and other areas where you have seen ants.

For spider termination, you want to spray insecticides in the areas where they are hiding. Spray areas you’ve seen spiders, including cracks and crevices in walls, ceilings, floors, doors, windows, under appliances, and near water pipes. Be sure to avoid spraying the insecticide directly on the spider. Spraying the spider will only kill it, and you will have to find another way to get rid of any spider eggs left behind.

Natural Remedies

We know using chemicals in your home may make you nervous, especially in homes with small children. There are also many natural ways to get rid of ants and spiders. One example is a vinegar and water mixture. You can make a spray bottle by mixing one-part white vinegar with four-parts water. Spray this mixture directly on the ants to kill them. Mix one-part vinegar with nine-parts water for spiders and pour this mixture into a spray bottle. Spray the spider directly to kill it.

Another natural remedy to kill ants or spiders in your home is to use cayenne pepper. Cayenne pepper is a hot chili pepper that will deter ants and spiders from coming near. You can sprinkle it around your doors, windowsills, baseboards, or any other place you have seen ants or spiders.

Ant and Spider Traps

Utilizing ant and spider traps in your home is another mode to rid your home of these creatures.

Spider traps usually involve setting a sticky trap somewhere in the area where the spider will travel through. The spider will become stuck on the trap and eventually die.

There are also ant traps that work similarly. Ants are attracted to an attractant in the trap, usually sugar or something sweet, before they get trapped on the adhesive surface. Other traps are designed for ants to digest an insecticide, take it back to their colony, and kill the queen.

Electric bug zappers are also a common way to get rid of spiders and ants. They work by electrocuting the insects when they make contact with the grid.

Prevention Methods

Once you have successfully rid your home of ants and spiders, you can implement prevention methods to keep your home clear of these insects.

Exterior Protection

Using outdoor insecticides on the foundation of your home, around the doors and windows, and in any cracks or crevices will help to keep ants and spiders from entering your house.


Sealing off entry points to your home is a great way to prevent unwanted critters and insects in your house. By caulking around door frames, window frames, plumbing fixtures, and baseboards, you’re sealing off potential doors to your home for ants and spiders.

Food Storage

Keeping food secured in air-tight containers will aid in ant and spider prevention. Also, be sure to wipe down countertops and cabinets after preparing food.

Indoor Protection

Spraying indoor insecticides in areas where ants and spiders have been seen or are suspected will help keep them from entering your home. It is also important to regularly vacuum and sweep your floors. If you notice any spider webs, make sure to clean those, too. Keeping your home clean is the best protection in spider and ant prevention.

I Still Have Spider and Ants – What Now?

If you have followed these tips and still find ants or spiders in your home, it is best to get the help of a professional team! Preventive Pest Utah will be able to identify the species of ant or spider and recommend the most effective solution for getting rid of them. Give us a call today and get your ant and spider problem taken care of!