The Complete Pest Protection Plan

Our Pest Prevention Plan

Preventive Pest Control offers exactly what our name states — services to prevent pests and protect your property from the threats they present. Our pest control specialists identify any potential pest threats to your space. Then, the specialists create and carry out a plan of attack to prevent pests from becoming your problem. Preventive Pest Control offers a complete pest protection plan to address ants, cockroaches, spiders, rodents, stinging insects, and termites. 

Preventive Pest Service Methods

Spraying Your Property

We know where pests are hiding in and around your property. So we know where to spray. Starting with the foundation of your home, we ensure your exterior walls are protected. We address areas around your yard that offer hiding for the pesky creatures, too. As you know, your garage is a collection of pests, so we’ll spray all the cracks, corners, and floors in there, too. Once we move inside your home, we will ensure to spray areas around doorways, baseboards, windows, pantries, attics, and more. We will find all their best hiding spots!

Granulating Your Yard

Discouraging pests from getting anywhere near your home and yard is one of the best first lines of defense in your pest prevention. By protecting your yard with perimeter granulation, you can effectively prevent pests like insects, ants, and fleas. 

Treating Eaves & De Webbing

We all know spiders love building webs in the eaves of homes. Oftentimes spider webs contain egg sacs containing hundreds of spiders. By de-webbing your eaves, the egg sacs are destroyed and these spiders are prevented from entering your home. When eaves are regularly treated, rodents, birds, insects, and other pests are constantly kicked out of the place they are trying to make their home. Keeping eaves clean prevents long-term pest damage to your home.

Spot Treatment

Spot treating effectively addresses an area of concern in or around your property. These specific spots can be where pests have been identified. Spots around infected areas are also spot treated to prevent the spread of an infestation. Spot treatment is used most often for the treatment and prevention of termite infestation.

Pest Traps

Pest and insect traps serve a number of purposes for pest prevention. Insect traps are indeed great for actually trapping insects, but they are more useful than that. Observing the volume of insects trapped assists you in identifying potential pest threats. If there’s only one ant in your ant trap over a month-long period, you know you’re most likely safe from an ant invasion. Lay a trap at night and wake up to a full trap, well, there’s no doubt you need to give us a call right away. 

Rodent traps can help reduce individual rodents. If you know you have one pesky unwanted guest, setting a rodent trap can be the answer to your invader. If one rodent entered your home or property, the chances are another one can enter as well. Preventive Pest Control can find the access area and ensure it’s sealed off from future intruders, too.


We know pest prevention will save your property from damage. Let us help you! Contact Preventive Pest Control for a free quote on our services. We’ll guide you through pest prevention in your home and help you choose prevention methods best for your needs!