How do I protect my home from pests in Utah?

We love living in the beautiful state of Utah! Gorgeous hikes, red rock, and outdoor lifestyle! We’re here to help keep nature outdoors and away from your home year-round. Follow our quick tips and advice to mitigate your problems, and as always, preventive measures are the most effective! 

Springtime Pest Control Care

Spring cleaning is rewarding and can keep your home free from pests! When the snow melts, ensure that your yard is clean and free of debris and standing water. Keep all trash bagged and securely placed in garbage cans. Having a professional spray the perimeter of the home will assist in preventing the hatching bugs and pests from entering. 

Summer Pest Control Care

Nothing can ruin a family barbeque quicker than flies, gnats, wasps, and other insects joining the party. Window weatherstripping should be replaced. Around your foundation, patch up any loose bricks, mortar, or concrete. Drain any water that has been collected. Rainwater should be directed away from the house. 

all Pest Control Care

As the leaves change and the temperature drops, rodents, and critters will try to find their way inside your home. Make sure any holes or entry points to your home are sealed up. Replace worn-out weatherstripping. Clean the yard of any fallen leaves and dead grass. Fix any leaking pipes. Insulate any outdoor faucets. Trim overgrown plants and bushes. If you have any firewood, keep it away from your home. 

Winter Pest Control Care

The winters here in Utah can be brutal. The inversion and cold, long winter may kill most pests, but not all. These winters lure critters inside in search of food and shelter. Preventive pest control is the best method of treatment for these. 
Preventive Pest Control

Planning and executing an effective pest control plan all year requires professionals that understand your home and specific needs. We have highly trained personnel who can visit your home and assess each need to plan an extermination plan. If you are experiencing an infestation or wanting to prevent that, contact us here at Preventive Pest!