What Attracts Spiders to Your Home

Do you know what attracts spiders to your home? It’s not because they want to come inside and play (well, maybe they do think it’s fun to use you as a human obstacle course while you sleep). Spiders are attracted to homes in the fall and winter because it is colder outside. They seek warmth because they’re looking for a place to spin their webs. If you’re not interested in spooky spiderweb “decor” in the corners of your home, there are a few ways to address your haven-seeking spider pests in the fall and winter.

Spiders are so cool, literally. They gradually build up “antifreeze” in their tissue as the weather cools, so they don’t necessarily need to find refuge in your home. Egg sacs are often laid and made in the fall. It is necessary to the survival of the eggs to keep them warm, so some spiders will spend winter sitting on an egg sac.

Once spiders find a warm place to live for the cool season, their body goes into a dormant state. They aren’t necessarily hibernating because spiders in Utah will still venture out for food on warmer days.

Spiders in Your Home in Winter

Smart spiders are the ones who find their way into your home. A spider living indoors during the winter doesn’t just survive. These spiders can thrive, so maybe think about keeping your genius pet around for the holidays. And bless people like you who aren’t terrified of these eight-legged creatures!

If you are an average human terrified of a spider that you are one million times larger than, there are ways to address spiders in your home during our Utah winter. Spiders often create their home in areas of your home that are more undisturbed. Attics, window sills, storage rooms, garages, and utility closets are the go-to places for spiders. Anywhere that is warm and dark is also an excellent place for a spider to call home.

Preventing Spiders from Coming Inside During Winter

Before the weather cools too much, there are a few preventative steps you can take to keep spiders from coming inside in the first place. Fix your loose or damaged window screens. Seal cracks and crevices around windows and doors. Ensure the moisture levels around your home are in check. Trim your grass, move wood and rock piles away from your home, and take care of those falling fall leaves. Ensuring all other insects are taken care of eliminates bountiful hunting grounds for spiders, too.

Eliminating Spiders in Your Home During Utah Winters

A quick and easy way that doesn’t require you to touch the spider in any form is to grab your vacuum and suck that little guy in! Make sure to vacuum around your corners to get all the remaining webs. Vacuuming corners frequently is even better.

Sticky traps are great for spiders (and all those other insects you don’t want around either). Simply lay the sticky trap in those areas we talked about above and change them when you’ve amassed your collection of creepy crawling things.

Seasonal cleaning is not just about organizing anymore! The more clutter you have, the more space spiders have to hide. Keeping your home organized and clutter-free impedes your game of hide-and-seek with spiders.

Still seeing your mostly friendly but still unwelcomed friends around your house? Give us a call! We’ll make sure to take care of every crack and crevice and usher out your unwanted guests!