What Kind of Spiders Jump

What Kind of Spiders Jump

You like spiders about as much as you like to be unexpectedly attacked by one. And the thought of smashing the little pest with your shoe, only for it to jump at you during your approach, can make even the bravest among us feel uneasy. But what kind of spider jumps? There are many different types of jumping spiders in Utah, and knowing ahead of time which ones will make this move might help ease our minds a bit.

Types Jumping Spiders in Utah

The salticidae spider family is the spider family that jumps. These creepy crawlies usually have a brown body and six eyes, with the top four being larger than the bottom two. They’re highly active and agile spiders that are usually seen around your home during the day.

Salticidae spiders are found throughout Utah in both urban and rural areas – from your back porch to farmlands that are miles away. These little guys like to be around people (and prey) so you might see them crawling on walls or ceilings. He’s kind of a freak and eats…. other spiders… and other insects, too.

The most common type of salticidate spider in Utah is the Phidippus Audax. These jumping spiders are usually anywhere from four to nine millimeters long. They have stout, hairy bodies. Their eyes appear like two large eyes and their mouth is green. Despite their small size, they pack a big punch when it comes to jumping and running around your house! They are known for chasing other spiders up walls or even across the ceiling sometimes.

Preventing Jumping Spiders in Your Home

While these spiders are harmless, we know they were not invited to your house party. Signs you’re being overtaken include areas with multiple webs or just the all too frequent sightings around your home. To rid your house of these unwanted guests, we suggest sealing any cracks or crevices around windows, doors, and baseboards. Fill in foundation cracks with caulk as well.

If you’re not kidding around about kicking these spiders to the curb, then it’s time to call Preventive Pest. We’ll help get these guys out of your home and keep them out for good.