Common Needs For Annual Pest Control Protection in Utah

Invasive Pests in Utah

As a homeowner, you want your space to be taken care of. From lawn care to interior maintenance, there’s a lot to be done! One required task as a homeowner in Utah is addressing unwanted pests. There are many common needs for annual pest control protection in Utah. Whether you’re dealing with insects, rodents, termites, spiders, or stinging pests, leaving these brutes unchecked can create big problems for you. Preventing these pests from invading your home is key to preventing the unwanted damage and risks they bring with them.


Utah is home to many invasive house spiders. These pests might seem harmless, but they can cause damage to your home. Even more worrisome is the fact that some of these spiders’ bites can cause severe and unfavorable reactions to humans. The less serious but also notable reason for preventing spiders in your home is because most of us just don’t like existing in the same space as these eight-legged creatures. Someone has gotta go – and it’s definitely the spiders. You know it’s time to address these pests when you see cobwebs and egg-sacks in your home, observe visible burrows around your house, or you’re noticing frequent spider bites.


Cockroach infestations in Utah homes create big problems for homeowners. These little guys are experts at finding places to live where humans can’t see or effectively reach them. Most of the DIY extermination products out there just don’t cut it if you want to get rid of these guys completely. Cockroaches carry bacteria, germs and transfer them through contact with food materials that humans eat. This causes serious health risks that must be addressed. A professional exterminator can address your cockroach infestation and aid you in taking your home back over. Signs it’s time to give us a call is noticing cockroaches during the day, cockroach feces, shed skins and dead roaches, and the smell of a musty odor.


Rodent infestations in Utah can be common due to the vegetative surroundings and close proximity to sources of food. Rodents are responsible for a lot more than just damage from chewing through material. They also carry diseases which you don’t want near your family! No one fancies rodent waste around the house either. If you notice gnawing or scratch marks in your home, unexplained torn opened food packaging, visible nests, rodent burrows, or a funky unexplained odor, you may have a rodent issue. It’s time to bring us in to handle your rodent situation. We know how to identify areas of access and properly seal those off and prevent further infestation.


Ants are annoying. They know how to cause trouble. And they like your food. If you notice your kitchen is invaded by ants, it’s time to call in pest control. Even if you see just a few ants by your food, the problem is brewing! If you’ve already noticed little black spots on your counters and flooring, chances are they’re ant droppings. Ants can cause structural damage if left unattended for too long, too. We all know the DIY ant products don’t cut it long-term. Preventative Pest Control will reclaim your home back from your army of intruders.

Address Your Pests

As we can see, pests are pesky. DIY extermination options either don’t work long-term, or they don’t work at all. Pests can affect your health, and can even cause very serious reactions. These pests cause damage to your home. And they get into your food. No one wants these creatures around – including you. Let Preventative Pest Control take back control of your home.