Are Pest Control Companies Worth The Money?

Have you ever spotted ants on your countertop or floor? Do you encounter more spiders and centipedes in your basement than you’d like? Do you find yourself setting up mouse traps? If you answered, “Yes” to any or all of these, you may be considering calling a professional pest control company to save the day…especially if any measures you have been taking on your own have proven less than successful.

Things like ant traps and pesticide sprays that can be bought from store shelves may offer a temporary solution, but these issues more often than not go deeper than a quick fix and require professionals who have the expertise and training to locate and eliminate the entire problem. 

Often pest problems are multifaceted and can involve multiple locations in and around your home. The pest control experts at Preventive Pest Control are ready to make these unwelcome visitors a thing of the past. Pests can get into your house in numerous ways such as cracks in your foundation, holes in window and door seals, or even through openings in your roof or chimney. An excellent pest control technician will be able to efficiently identify the problem areas and develop an extermination plan.

Extermination plans can vary from one-time treatments to year-round applications that provide consistent pest troubleshooting throughout the various seasons. Oftentimes, it makes the most sense to look into booking a pest control company to treat your home regularly. This is because it will allow your technician to address any and all issues that exist during each season of the year. Annual control is both reactive and proactive, meaning it addresses current problems and takes steps to prevent future infestations.

One-time treatments tend to be more costly per application and typically only address one problem, such as ants, while leaving other issues that exist like spiders, unattended to. Choosing this route may seem more cost-effective in the short term, but often ends up being far more expensive in the long run if you have to have repeated treatments. 

When you invest in hiring a professional pest control service like Preventive Pest Control, you end up with full property management and protection. Our services include the elimination of any current pest control problems with a forward-thinking plan to keep the trouble at bay in the future. Our treatment regimen includes interior and exterior areas and can take care of spaces you never considered as potential problem areas.

In addition to full property care, choosing a pro keeps you safe by letting technicians who are trained in chemical application and safety procedures handle the work. You don’t have to worry about accidental exposure to products that could make you sick or trying to guess what the problems and solutions are.

Save yourself time and stress by calling the extermination professionals at Preventive Pest Control. We look forward to helping you keep your home and property free of pests so that you can have peace of mind.