What to Use to Remove Spiders for Good

spider extermination

When most of us think of spiders, we think of ones like tarantulas, black widows, and brown recluses. Images of horror movies, bad dares, and nasty bites come to mind. Although most varieties of spiders are considered harmless and even helpful, having spiders throughout your home is an issue that a majority of homeowners do not want to face. If this is you, keep reading below to learn more about what spider control tactics to use to leave your home spider-free for good.

Besides having spiders crawling around your home, spiders can lay eggs and leave their webs all over the place causing things to look untidy and potentially setting up a fire hazard. Step one to ditching spiders in your living spaces is eliminating their webs. To do this, grab your regular vacuum cleaner or shop vac and get to work. Vacuum every corner, nook, and cranny of your home. Get under furniture and in any dark and concealed spaces. Don’t forget in and around vents and accessible ductwork too. 

When you are finished, empty the waste into a sealed bag or container and immediately dispose of it outside and away from your home. Keep in mind that some webs are very sticky and hard to simply vacuum up. If this is the case, paint rollers, lint rollers, or even tape turned inside out can help pull down every last bit of web residue.

Once all spider remnants have disappeared into your vacuum, you can turn your attention to preventing their return. Placing some containers with citrus, lavender, rosemary, or peppermint essential oils mixed with a bit of dish soap and water around your home can help repel arachnids. What smells sweet to you sends these eight-legged creatures running the other way. 

Another spider control tactic designed to remove and keep spiders out of your home is using sticky traps that can be bought at most grocery stores, big box stores, hardware stores, and online. Keeping your home area free of spider food, such as flies, will also keep them from coming back. It is also incredibly effective to maintain a regular cleaning routine that includes sweeping, dusting, and vacuuming. These three cleaning tasks will effectively eliminate any webs that are in the process of being made, as well as eggs and nymphs that could turn into your next infestation.

Some other great tips to keep arachnids out of your home include doing your best to keep your space organized and free of clutter and things like piles of clothes and shoes. Things like this make the perfect dark hiding spot for a spider to make their new home. Seal any holes and cracks in your windows, doors, screens, and foundation. Trim outside shrubbery so that it is not right up against your house. Taking the time to complete these tasks removes most of the habitats that spiders desire, thus making your home an unappealing place.

If exterminating spiders yourself is not on your wishlist, we have you covered. Call the spider control pros at Preventive Pest Control today. We are ready to clear your home of spiders and other unwelcome bugs so that you can rest easy.