The Best Pest Control For Cockroaches

Cockroaches are the nasty creepy crawlies that are incredibly common in many homes across the U.S. but still are a genuine problem when you encounter them. The three most cockroaches to be found in your home are German, Oriental, and American roaches.

What attracts each roach species varies, so it’s essential to determine what kind of cockroach you’re dealing with when trying to get rid of cockroaches. While there are many ways to prevent roaches from coming into your home, you’ll need to take specific steps to get rid of them once they get in because they will multiply at a fast rate.

It’s crucial to understand that cockroaches carry a wide array of bacteria that can result in a series of illnesses such as food poisoning, skin rashes, and allergies, among other things that can affect you and your family. Below we’ll go over the best cockroach control for your home.

First: Determine Infestation Sites

It’s crucial to figure out where the roaches are coming from to decide whether you need professional help or solve the issue with over-the-counter products. Search behind the refrigerator, in cabinets, under the sink in both the bathrooms and kitchen, along with closet corners. If you find roaches in the bathroom, either behind the sink or in the tub, this will be a sure sign that you’re dealing with German cockroaches. Once you find problem areas, leave glue strips and check every few days to see if there has been any activity or roaches caught.

Second: Close Gaps

After putting out glue strips to monitor traffic and possible catch roaches, you then need to seal up holes or gaps that you find around your house to prevent any more cockroaches from coming into your home. Caulk is your best option to close gaps and prevent future cockroaches from infesting your home. It’s also to look at any cracks in your tiles and flooring.

Third: Distribute Gel Bait Stations

Once you’ve used caulk to close up the gaps, put down gel bait stations to attract and then poison the cockroaches. It usually comes in a tube and can be applied along baseboards and in corners. It’s important to remember that while this gel is effective in killing cockroaches, it will result in you having to sweep up a number of dead roaches.

Another possible solution is bait stations which will attract roaches to eat the bait that slowly kills them so they die by the time they get back to their nest. When the roach dies, other cockroaches will eat its body, poisoning the other roaches in the process. This method is effective is some ways but doesn’t kill all the roaches in every part of your home. Boric acid powder is also very helpful in killing roaches but is easy to be misplaced and moved around because it is a powder.

If you end up in a situation where you need professional help to say goodbye to the unwelcome cockroaches in your home, contact Preventive Pest Control today for a free quote!