Best Pest Control For Mice

While those little critters might make cute pets for some, mice aren’t the kind of unannounced guest you want in your home. When you have mice in your home, it’s essential to develop the right plan to ensure the problem gets solved. While you may not have the help from a cat or dog that loves to hunt, there are still some easy ways to mitigate the issue. Here are a few tips to start if you’ve decided to try to do rodent control first without professional help.

First: Close off Entry Points

You want to take the time to figure out where the mice are getting into your home so you can seal off that opening to your home. Rodent-proofing your home will allow you to prevent your mice issue from expanding and help you keep mice out in the future. Even if you find tiny holes, remember that if a pen can fit into it, a mouse definitely can.

Second: Invest in Mouse Traps

Choosing the right mouse trap all depends on the size of the mouse. Most wooden mouse traps will work on small to moderate mice in size, while you may want to invest in capture traps for more giant mice. You can also look into bait traps and glue traps. It’s always good to put out multiple traps, even if you think you’re only dealing with one mouse.

Three: Place the Traps in the Right Places

Along with finding the right bait like peanuts, chocolate, or bacon to put on the trap to attract the mice, the placement of the traps is also essential. Be sure to place them perpendicular to the wall, having the trigger section touching the baseboard. Place the traps close to where you believe the mice are hiding since mice don’t travel far from their nests or food. Check the traps regularly and change where they are placed every few days.

Four: Provide Bait Stations

Look into buying specific bait that has toxins mixed into the pellet. The mouse will eat it like regular food and then die shortly after. It’s important to know that this method, while very effective at getting rid of mice, is best used with the help of a professional so that you, your family, and any pets you have in the home are safe from ingesting toxins accidentally.

Five: Clean Your House, Inside and Out

While having a clean house does not eliminate mice, it will help prevent the problem from reoccurring or getting worse. It’s all good to remove any clutter around your home where mice can hide, as well as destroying nests or burrows outside in your yard. While cleaning around your house and your property won’t stop the mice, it will allow you to spot the signs easier. Mice feed on about 3 to 4 grams of food a day; it’s crucial to clean counters regularly and sweep floors.

If you’re ready to take the easy route to take care of your rodent concern, contact Preventive Pest Control today for a free quote.