How Do You Get Rid of An Ant Problem

Ants on dirt

It may seem like the idea of your home going back to being ant-free is impossible. But there is always an answer when it comes to pest control.

Figure out What Type of Ant You’re Dealing With

Before deciding on a method to get rid of ants, you need to figure out what type of ant you’re dealing with. This will help you determine whether the ants are nested inside of your home or outside. For example, black ants come into the house from outside, whereas carpenter ants can efficiently be nesting in the structure of your home where moist wood is found.

When you’re dealing with black ants, it’s best to look for entry points and seal them off. Black ants are typically easier to get rid of, whereas carpenter ants may require professional help since their nests are hard to find.

If you’re still not sure of what type of species of ant you’re dealing with, you can take a picture of the ant, look up your local extension service, and they will be able to help you identify the ant. They also can provide facts about the species of ants in your home and specific ways to get rid of them.

Find the Nests and Seal off Entry Points

Once you’ve identified which species of ants you’re dealing with, it’s essential to wipe down surfaces and floors with disinfectant to clean away trails that the ants have left behind. The trails help them find their way around and help other ants find each other. Once you clean away their paths, look for any openings where the ants could be coming in and seal them off. You then want to take the time to search for the ant’s nest. As stated above, once you identify the species of ant, it’s easier to find the nest.

It’s also essential to clean any cabinets where food is stored and invest in food storage containers to make sure things are completely sealed.

Be Proactive

When you first put product out for the ants, it will seem like your ant problem is nowhere near going away. But when more ants come across the product, you’re more likely to get them out of your home. If you’re dealing with ants who love sweets, liquid bait is the best thing for you, while other ants may prefer a solid bait. Leave the product out for about two weeks and see if the ant problem has been solved. If not, try again and then consider a more direct option.

If you know that the species of ants you’re dealing with have a nest outside, you can use various methods depending on what species of outdoor ant you’re dealing with. Some ants need a spray, while others need granules.

If you’re dealing with an ant problem, contact Preventive Pest Control for a free quote today to get the professional help you need to get the job done and say goodbye to ants for good.