7 Reasons You Should Aerate Your Lawn

Is it time to aerate your lawn?

Lawn aeration is something that should happen once every year and a process that perforates the soil with small holes to allow for the influx of air. You can perform this task with a fork or mechanical device, while early autumn and spring is considered the best time to aerate your lawn. 

Let’s take a look at these seven reasons to aerate your lawn every year:

7 Reasons You Should Aerate Your Lawn

1. Lawn Aeration Helps Prevent Thatch Problems

As you may know, your lawn can dry up and take on a spongy feel and this is often due to a thatch problem. Lawn aeration is thought to be one of the best ways to avoid problems with thatch. This is because a proper detaching operation is rather aggressive on the soil but an annual aeration

2. Lawn Aeration Stops Soil from Becoming Compacted

If soil becomes compacted, this can inhibit the influx of essentials that help maintain and preserve the soil. Aerating your lawn can break up this process and help reduce this feature entirely. For instance, compacted soil makes it more difficult for fertilizer or water to permeate and nourish the soil. And without this layer of compacted soil, your lawn can receive these essentials more easily.

3. Aerating Can Preserve a Lawn with Heavy Footfall

If your lawn is used a lot and receives a considerable amount of foot traffic, lawn aeration is often needed to break-up the heavy clay content. In the same way that compacted soil can impede the process, a heavy clay content is likely to make it harder for your lawn to recover and grow back to its’ original state.

4. Aerating Your Lawn is Essential in Hot or Dry Conditions

Simply put, your lawn needs help when it comes to heat and low rainfall. This issue is most often noticed when grass loses the rich and healthy color. This happens when grass and soil is not receiving enough water, nutrients and oxygen and lawn aeration is one of the best ways to make sure grass/soil is not being deprived of same.

5. Lawn Aeration Can Nurture Thicker Turf

Nothing compliments a healthy lawn like a nice, thick turf underneath. When roots grow downward, grass can grow faster and this process creates a much thicker turf.

6. Aeration Builds Organic Material in the Soil

Organic material is the key to overall health and lawn aeration also reduces your lawn dependency on water. That is to say, aerating your lawn builds organic material and aeration enables more rainwater etc to reach the components of your lawn.

7. Lawn Aeration Will Make Your lawn Look More Attractive

If you take time to aerate the lawn every year, you will actually see the results in front of your eyes. Lawn aeration improves the quality of your soil and grass, and leaves the lawn looking a lot more healthy and attractive. And you don’t need this reminder but aerating the lawn requires one to spend more time outside..which is rarely a bad idea!

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