3 Ways You Can Prevent Spiders From Your Home

3 Ways You Can Prevent Spiders From Your Home

For many people, spiders are the eternal enemy and spider control is a regular source of anxiety in the home. It’s not surprising because spiders like to come inside for food, water and shelter, and they can inhabit even the smallest cracks or unfilled holes in your home. You can often see them hanging from doors and windows and just about every other part of the home – not to mention the inside of your bath tub!

But how can you prevent them from coming inside?

Aside from contacting a pest control professional, you might want to try some of the following tips. Let’s take a look at three methods you might consider for spider control:

3 Ways You Can Prevent Spiders From Your Home

1. Keep the Home Tidy and Free of Clutter

It’s important to dust and vacuum the home as much as possible to deter spiders. This will help get rid of spider webs but also cause enough noise, activity and motion to dissuade spiders from hanging around in the first place. Spiders also like to hide behind debris or items and have a tendency to linger around cardboard boxes. For this reason, you should also try to keep rooms (especially unused corners) free of clutter and opt for storage containers rather than use cardboard boxes. Either way, keeping the place clean and tidy is one of the most important factors when it comes to preventing spiders from coming inside your home.

2. Use these Homemade Remedies to Deter Spiders

Believe it or not, peppermint oil is a fantastic deterrent against spiders as they simply don’t like this fragrance. The same is true about ants and other small insects and you can combine peppermint oil with water to create a spray solution to pray around the home. But maybe you don’t have any peppermint oil to hand? Don’t worry, white vinegar is another agent that can be used for spider control. But there are many more substances that you might use to get rid of spiders. For instance, you can place  orange peels, lemon peels or cloves of garlic on bookshelves, countertops or window sills around the home and this smell of these items should act as a deterrent.

3. Place these Potted Plants Near Doorways, Windows etc

Some folk believe that spiders like plants because of the cobwebs they see from time to time. The truth is, spiders do not like the smell of certain plants such as lavender which means you might use a potted lavender plant as a means of spider control. This simply means placing such potted plants near doorways, windows or other entry points around the home. Likewise, spiders don’t appreciate the smell of cedar plants, while it’s said that the medicinal scent of a eucalyptus tree can repel spiders.

It should go without saying that spider control is often a job for the professionals. Call Preventive Pest Control for a free quote today.