How Does Ant Pest Control Really Work?

Do ants keep showing up inside your home? Maybe you’ve got a huge anthill or nest lingering in the backyard? There’s no point in waiting for even more ants to show up!

Ant pest control is a process that helps remove and deter ants from a particular area like the inside of your home. You can apply this process yourself but a professional exterminator is often the only way to entirely remove these pests from your home.

But that’s just part of the story…

Ants in the Home: Getting to the Root of the Problem

Ants are known to have an adverse effect on human activities and seem to make their way into every nook and cranny in search of food, water and shelter. It’s true, ants are relentless but there’s good news: ant pest control can remove them from your home.

But the problem with ants is that they arrive thick and fast and these common household pests show up in their thousands. It’s also not always easy to get rid of them because ants are social and live in colonies. This means if you want to remove ants from your home, it’s often necessary to kill the entire colony.

Here’s some basic “DIY information” about ant pest control…

How to Get Rid of Ants from Your Home

There’s three basic steps to preventing ants from coming inside the home:

1. Track down the source of the ants and seal this entry.

2. Clean all surfaces and keep them clean and dry.

3. Cover all food and ensure no crumbs etc are left lying around.

But what might you do to get rid of these ants?

You can sometimes rid your home of ants with the use of homemade solutions. For instance, white vinegar is great for getting rid of ants, for these pesky insects cannot deal with the acidic nature of white vinegar. Similarly, ants have a really hard time with peppermint and this strong fragrance can certainly deter ants from a specific area. With this in mind, you might use white vinegar to saturate an ant trail or use peppermint as a fragrance in a particular area to dissuade them from coming inside.

However, an ant pest control service is likely to have far more success and you should seek this assistance if the presence of ants is especially obvious.

Ant Pest Control: Bringing in the Professionals

A professional ant pest control service will set-up “bait stations” to take advantage of the roaming instinct of ants. When ants take this bait back to the nest, it can often eliminate the whole colony. 

The truth is, spraying ant trails and taking basic steps to deter ants is helpful but this process is only likely to kill a small proportion of the ants. After all, ants are not only social insects but also relentless and a professional ant pest control service is often the one best way to remove ants and deter them from coming inside your home.

Get rid of your ants today and enjoy a complimentary bid from Preventive Pest Control.