5 Signs of a Premier Pest Control Company

Pest control is the management of rodents, rats, insects and other unwanted guests in a particular area – most often the home. While it’s possible to deter and get rid of these visitors using homemade solutions, a pest control company is the most reliable option. However, if you plan to avail of these services, it’s important to employ a reputable company for the task. That is to say, some outfits fall short with getting the job done but you can expect much more from a premier pest control company.

But how might you actually choose your pest control company? Here’s five signs that will help you find a premier pest control company:

5 Signs of a Premier Pest Control Company

1. Premier Companies will Have Full Insurance and Certification

Is the company fully insured? You need to make sure that your property is protected as liability is a major issue when inviting a service into your home. You can view this information on the company website and make sure to check for professional certification at the same time. If this information is not listed on the website, this is not a good sign and likely means you are not dealing with a premier pest control company.

2. Look for References, Testimonials and Reviews

It’s usually a good sign when friends, family or neighbors refer you to a particular company. However, this is not always an accurate indication as to the competency and reliability of a company. Instead, you might want to check the national pest website and check that your chosen company is listed as a qualified pest control service. After that, online reviews are more and more common and something that you can use to determine whether or not you might want to continue your search elsewhere.

3. A Premier Service will Demonstrate Knowledge and Customer Service

A premier pest control company will always take pride in their customer service. This not only means they should be easy to contact but also forthcoming with any relevant information. In fact, a really top service will usually seek to demonstrate their superior knowledge by answering your questions – before you even have a chance to as them. Technicians for these companies are always a dead give-away, for they tend to dress well and talk with a level of friendliness that will make you feel at ease.

4. They Also Like to “Discuss” Your Available Options

It’s also a good sign if the technician provides a full consultation and invites you to discuss whatever options they might suggest. This will look different in every instance but a decent technician will usually carry out an inspection and then point out certain areas that need to be addressed in order to remove the pests. As mentioned, this should be a conversation/discussion and not a one way talk in which the technician says the house is falling apart and a full pest control service is the only answer!

Anyway, you get the idea!

5. Premier Companies will Usually “Guarantee Satisfaction”

Nothing is guaranteed in life but a premier pest control company will at least offer to “guarantee satisfaction”. This will often be part of the company values and written in the initial quotation or contract. At the end of the service, a premier pest control company will also provide a full invoice and the contact information or procedure should you need any follow-up action in the days, weeks and months ahead.

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