3 Important Tips to Control and Prevent Winter Pests

Winter is a time when kids like to play in the snow, Christmas decorations fill up the home, and relatives come and go like the years. But unknown to most people, it’s not only the relatives that want to come over and the winter chill tempts a lineup of unwanted pests into the home.

But what pests might we be talking about?

Rodents, spiders, and roaches are common visitors to the home and these pests can become a health issue. For this reason, many homeowners seek help from the local bug exterminator when the colder months arrive and take steps to avoid any uninvited pests taking up residence in their home. 

Here’s a few tips to keep these bugs and pests at bay for the winter months:  

1. Focus on Prevention First

As you may know, prevention is better than cure when it comes to pests in the home.

But how can you prevent these pests from coming inside?

Well, a thorough house inspection is a great way to get started. Any cracks or holes that need repairing, you’d better seal off immediately. It’s also best to check in corners, behind bookshelves, under sinks, any holes in your attic, basement or garages. What’s more, install screens and wired mesh inside pipelines that enter the house and check if the same is needed for any windows.

2. Remove All Obstacles and Clutter in the Home

Keeping all areas of the house clean is very important also. Any food should be tightly sealed and then kept safely out of reach of uninvited pests. Foods left on the counter or floor is another invitation for pests, while dust and stagnant water make it a welcome place for some pests to breed and multiply. With this in mind, make sure to avoid leaving any excess water around the home. Furthermore, any moist spots such as clogged drains and leaking pipes should be eliminated. Keep your attics, basement, and garages organized and remove stacks of paper or boxes that might be lying around.

3. Gardening and Taking Out the Trash

But that’s not all, maintenance and prevention don’t stop inside the house. You should also take care of your trash bins, and lawn area. A little pruning here and there will ensure that no bugs can set camp outside your house. Always make sure that any shrubberies or plants that touch the house should be trimmed down to avoid any unwarranted guests from entering. Bug exterminators also recommend that you keep garbage bags tightly sealed and closed off as this stops pests from feeling any temptation. 

Final Thoughts 

Most importantly, it’s best to know the telltale signs of bug infestations. For instance, any chewed boxes, or piles of sawdust may indicate that pests are present in the home. At this point, it might be worth calling in some bug exterminators and let them handle the problem so that you can have a worry-free winter.