How To Take Care of Your Yard In The Winter

It’s not easy keeping the yard clean during winter and this is certainly true when it’s cold outside. At the same time, this is also when you might start to worry about the condition of your lawn!

But keeping a healthy garden during the cold days doesn’t have to be so hard.

You see, the key to an effective yard service is through maintenance and early prevention. Now, you might ask yourself, “How am I able to maintain its condition in tip-top shape during these weather conditions?”

Here are some tips that should help you take care of the yard this coming winter:

1. Know the Importance of Fertile Soil

One of the most important steps of taking care of your garden is by fertilizing your soil as it is going to become a key factor during your yard service. This is best done a month before the cold breeze arrives. Thoroughly fertilizing your lawn helps it regain so many nutrients that it probably lost during the harsh weather of the summer months. It would also be best to use a lawn spreader as you do this. If, at anytime, you feel that you’re at a loss with just how much fertilizer you should apply during your yard service, keep in mind that you can always rely on the recommended amount that you can see on the packaging. 

2. Make Sure that You Water and Clean the Lawn Pre Winter

Cleaning and watering your lawn is one of the most basic things you need to do for your garden no matter what season it is during the year. However, it’s imperial that you do this the most during and before winter comes. Just make sure that there are no decorations or items that might get in the way while you’re cleaning your lawn as it can get into your mower and can cause you to have more problems.

3. Remove Excess Leaves and Sweep the Yard Often

First things first, you need to rake the excess leaves that have fallen on the ground and once that’s done, you also have to slowly cut your grass so that it can better adapt to the cold weather ahead. You don’t have to do this every day, though. Also, an occasional sweep here and there can do wonders on its own. After cleaning your lawn, you must also water it down using your garden hose. Do this and it will keep your soil and grass moist throughout the season. Letting your grass dry out will only cause you to have a badly maintained lawn during this period so it’s good to be steadfast in re-hydrating it from time to time.

4. Remain Persistent and Keep Things Consistent

The coldest times of the year can be the most unpredictable ones and will surely put your lawn through different rough weather conditions. It may take a bit more work to maintain your garden during the winter but make sure to follow the tips mentioned in this article so you can keep your grass and soil healthy throughout the whole season. Once you have accomplished your yard service productively, you can then focus on other things like sweeping and cleaning your sidewalks and enjoying the winter.

Moral of the story: There’s a lot to be said for persistence and ongoing maintenance is the key to helping your yard survive even the coldest or most unforgiving winter.