3 Easy Ways to Make Sure You Don’t Get Rodents This Winter

Let’s be honest, most people look forward to a cozy night on the sofa and this is certainly true during the winter months. And just like you, rodents love nothing more than warming up in the nooks and crannies of your humble abode, albeit without the cup of tea. But before you go on thinking “This looks like a job for pest control near me.” Here are some helpful tips to keep those pesky rats away! 

1. Repair Small Tears and Protect Your Pipes


Instead of laying traps at every turn, it’s best to carry out an initial inspection of your house. Pest control near me starts by scouting out where these rodents frequent the most and then place traps near these areas. Moreover, rodents have a knack for squeezing into very small gaps and even ¼ inch is enough for most rodents to get inside.

For this reason, it’s important to repair any small tears or holes and install wire mesh to any pipes leading into your home. If you have a chimney, it’s also best to put a stop-gap as those cheeky vermin are the most daring and exceptional climbers.


2. Keep Things Clean and Tidy to Dissuade Unwanted Visitors


Aside from making sure there are no entry points for mice to get inside, you should make every effort to keep things clean. In other words, it always helps to wipe down counters, mop the floors and store away any food in sealed containers. It’s true, the smallest bread crumbs or leftover food is one sure way of inviting these rodents indoors.

Similarly, you can remove any clutter around the home, for rodents like to use these objects as hiding spots. When everything is clean and organized, throw away any old rags or rubbish and try to avoid leaving any laundry lying around the home. In short, rodents are opportunistic creatures but you can dissuade them by keeping things clean and tidy.

 3. Tidying the Garden to Remove Easy Access Points


Performing a little yard maintenance before winter is another great idea. For instance, if any shrubs or branches are touching the home, it’s best to trim them away from your house.

You see, these shrubs can provide easy access to your home and a place for rodents to build their nests. With this in mind, any overgrown shrubs or roots should be pruned and if you have a stock of firewood in the garden, try to keep this pile at least twenty feet away from the house.


Final Thoughts 

As you may know, getting rid of rodents is most often a matter of keeping things clean and organized. However, there’s certainly no shame in letting the professionals handle the job and a quick search for “pest control near me?” should leave you in the right hands. Either way, you don’t want these creatures around for Christmas and staying on top of things should ensure they stay away.