How to Handle Pesky Lawn Weeds in the Hot Utah Sun

How to Handle Pesky Lawn Weeds in the Hot Utah Sun

This summer in Utah has been hot! Have you found yourself staring at the weeds in your lawn, wanting to get rid of them, but wanting to stay out of the hot sun? 

If you want to avoid the sweaty work, consider hiring a Utah weed service that prevents weeds from growing in your lawn. In the meantime, here are three strategies you can use to get rid of those pesky weeds quickly and—even better—prevent them from growing. 

1. Healthy Grass: The Best Prevention

With fertilizer and regular watering, you can make your lawn lush enough to stop sunlight and other resources from reaching weeds, starving them out. Plus, your lawn will look better!

This, however, is dependant on keeping your grass at the right height. Figure out the type of grass you have and then find out the healthiest height for it. When it grows past its ideal height by about one-third, mow it.

2. Know and Fight Different Types of Utah Weeds

Each type of weed falls into one of the categories below, and there’s a different method of how to handle each and every one of them:

  • Broadleaf Weeds: Weeds such as clover have leaves. You can kill isolated, small growths by spraying them with a small amount of broadleaf herbicide. You can kill a larger patch using a larger sprayer. For a full-lawn infestation, use a hose-mounted sprayer. Be sure to follow the herbicide’s safety instructions!
  • Perennial Grassy Weeds: These weeds look similar to grass. They’re dormant during the winter and start to grow again in the spring. To kill them while protecting your grass, first, cover your hands with chemical-resistant gloves. Then, over top of those, put on an inexpensive cloth glove on one hand and dip it in a universal plant killer. Wipe it onto every single blade of the weeds. 
  • Annual Grassy Weeds: These consist of grassy blades that die late in the season, leaving seeds behind to germinate in the spring. Stop them from growing by putting down an annual weed prevention product in the spring before the weed germinates. Otherwise, you can kill it with a post-emergent weed killer product or pull it up by hand before it can drop its seeds.

3. Cover Non-Grassy Areas

Don’t fight lawn weeds where your grass always refuses to grow. Instead, treat those areas with a universal herbicide, wait a couple of weeks for it to dissipate, and put down one of these alternatives: 

  • Plants that grow better than grass
  • Mulch
  • Stone

You could place the mulch or stone on top of a fabric that prevents weed growth.

Get Professional Lawn Care Fast

Keeping your lawn weed-free is a lot of work. If you want a picture-perfect lawn, the clear solution is to hire Preventive Pest Control, your Utah weed service pros. Call today for professional and fast help, and stay out of the sun!