Spring Lawn Care Tips and Tricks For Lush, Green Grass

Spring is upon us! While it’s a time for spring cleaning and refreshing your indoor space, it’s also a time to get back to working in the yard.

If you’re someone who spends lazy summer evenings in the grass with your family, now is the time to care for your lawn. Read on for 3 spring lawn care tips every Utah homeowner should incorporate for lush, green grass this summer.

1. Water Based on Need

Most years, we wouldn’t be recommending frequent sprinkling just yet, but we’ve had a wet and cold spring thus far in Utah. Now that the weather’s getting warmer in a hurry, sprinkling is absolutely required to prevent drought stress. If you’re already seeing signs of drought stress,you will need more water to get your lawn back to a nice, lush green. Make sure your lawn receives ½” of water each time you run the sprinklers (which you can measure using virtually any container you have lying around). From then on, it really depends on the local temperature and rainfall, but there are guides available to help you know how to treat your lawn.

2. Mow Strategically

Simply put, it’s bad for your lawn to be mowed too often or too little, to be cut too short or to grow too high. Precisely what the best height is depends on the season and the region, but you’re in pretty good shape in Utah if you stick to a height between 2 ½ to 3”. You can get away with a 2” grass height if your lawn is growing rapidly, but otherwise it’s best to let it grow a little more.

3. Fertilize Consistently

Fertilizer is an important element of a healthy lawn, and nitrogen is the other recommended element for keeping Utah lawns in great shape. You want to spread 1 lb. of nitrogen around 1,000 square feet of grass, or 3-5 gallons for liquid fertilizers. For spring lawn care, it’s recommended to apply  a fertilizer with a pre-emergent weed control to give it a jump start as well as cutting down the chance of weeds growing in the summer.

Conquer Spring Lawn Bugs With Preventive Pest Control Utah

Preventive Pest Control in Utah can help you keep weeds at bay before they take over your lawn in the summer. Contact us today to get your lawn back in shape before the warmest months of the year hit. We offer high-quality lawn care all over Utah and are ready to have your lawn looking great in no time.