3 Natural Ways to Keep Pests Away

When you’re trying to keep your home chemical and pest free, the creepy crawlies often find their way in. Even in an all-natural home, it’s important to actively keep bugs and pests out of your house and yard. Bugs can potentially carry sicknesses and germs, so for the safety of your family, it’s good to find natural ways to keep pests away and out of the house.

Natural Ways to Keep Pests Away

We’ve compiled a list of three natural ways to keep pests away. Before you try any of these at home, make sure to get all of the supplies necessary and that young children are kept away from the pest-ridden areas.


If you have pest problems with bugs like ants or spiders, give citrus a try. The best thing to do is take a citrus peel and rub it over the problem area. You can also use pure essential citrus oils to achieve the same thing. This method is great for short-term pest control and will need to be reapplied periodically to areas with pest problems.

Keep it Clean

One of the most effective natural ways to keep pests away is by keeping your house clean. As simple as it sounds, this is a highly effective way to get rid of pesky bugs and keep them out. A clean house without food crumbs means bugs have less of an incentive to come inside. As a bonus, when you clean with natural cleaners that include ingredients like cinnamon essential oil, eucalyptus essential oil or cucumber, you add an extra layer of protection against bugs.


Vinegar mixed with water and peppermint essential oils makes a great bug repellant spray. Mix together equal parts vinegar and water with 10-20 drops of peppermint oil in a spray bottle. When you notice little critters sneaking into your home, spray the area with this homemade mixture. Spiders especially hate this spray, so it’s a good one to keep handy.

If your pest problem gets out of control, don’t hesitate to call a pest control expert in your area. When you contact us at Preventive Pest Control, we make your home and family our top priority. Our unique pest control options are a great way to keep your home bug free.