How to Keep Pests Away During the Holidays

‘Tis the season to be jolly…unless some uninvited guests decide to crash the party. Unlike most people, pests don’t take the holidays off, and they can prove an unwelcome surprise when you’re entertaining friends and family. However, with a few useful tips from Preventive Pest Control, you can successfully keep pests away during the holidays and bring back the merry cheer to the festivities.

Seal for Security

The first issue in trying to keep pests away from your house is keeping them from getting inside to begin with. Part of this involves inspecting things brought in from outdoors like firewood, but you should also check for any small nooks or crannies in your house that may have opened up in the summer heat. These seemingly-innocuous cracks are a prime entry point for bugs, so close the gaps up with caulking and sealant. Also be sure to check trees, wreaths, and garlands for mites and moths, and any other decorations that have been sitting in the basement all year where mice and other small rodents can make their homes.

Clear Up the Clutter

Want to know why you seem to get so many critters during the winter? It’s because just like you, they appreciate having a comfortable place to keep warm during the cold. So if you eliminate their options for makeshift shelter, you can drive them away from your home, or at least into the open where you can deal with them. Therefore, be sure to clean up discarded wrapping paper and other miscellaneous waste. You should also try to inspect storage boxes in case someone’s moved in since you last stowed them away.

Centralize the Celebration

The trickiest part about pests is how they can spread all across the house, making hunting them all down a pain – especially since many vermin such as rodents and spiders are small. But if you focus all the holiday activities – especially the food – in a single, confined area, you can concentrate pest activity and make it more controllable.

Keep Pests Away All Year Round

No matter the time or place, whether you’re in Utah or in another state, Preventive Pest Control has the professional knowledge, tools, and team to keep pests away throughout the holidays and beyond. To learn more about our residential services and set up an appointment, contact us today!