When to Apply Winter Lawn Fertilizer


If you’re a homeowner, you might be wondering: is it worth it to winterize your lawn? The answer generally is yes, assuming that winter is an issue for your lawn and you implement the winterization method properly. To find out when and why to apply winter lawn fertilizer for the optimal effect, check out some handy advice courtesy of Preventive Pest Control in Utah.

Winter Lawn Fertilizer Basics

Winter lawn fertilizer, when used correctly, helps limit the damage that the winter cold normally does to your lawn’s overall condition. Snow, ice, and other winter elements apply significant stress to your grass, making it harder for it to regrow once spring returns. Winterizing fertilizers solve that problem by infusing the soil with potassium, nitrogen, and other nutrients to strengthen your grass and help it survive the winter in much better shape than usual.

When You Should Winterize

Winter lawn fertilizer can be very effective on your grass – with the right timing. First and foremost, you need to watch your grass to determine the correct time to apply winter fertilizer. Since the point of the nutrients is to boost the grass, you should wait until the grass has stopped growing for the year but is still active (green) enough to react to the winterizing fertilizer. This generally means late November, but you can also try an early autumn approach to encourage greater root growth.

Please note that the directions above assume that you are in a four-season climate and have cool-season grasses on your lawn. In the case of warm season grasses, which generally reside in hot climates and therefore just go dormant during the wintertime, winter lawn fertilizer won’t be effective, so you should instead apply the nutrients during the spring or summer.

Keeping Your Lawn and Home Tidy

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