How to Get Rid of Wasps in or Near Your Home

You know how it goes. Friends are set to come over and you spend all afternoon preparing a great meal so you can all sit out on the deck or patio together and enjoy some quality time outside. As soon as you get comfortable, everyone starts getting buzzed by some unwanted guests. With wasps circling the party, your summer get together has just become the opposite of relaxing!

Fortunately, there are wasp treatments that help to get rid of wasps—and keep them away from your home and yard for good. These easy-to-follow tips are a great place to start when it comes to reclaiming your yard:


Keep Food and Garbages Covered

As the above barbecue invasion illustrates, wasps are there for the food. One thing you can do to keep them away is to make sure food isn’t left out and that garbage cans are securely covered. This is an easy way to eliminate that open invitation and can help prevent wasps living close to your house.


Use Decoys

Wasps are territorial creatures. You can install decoy wasps’ nests made of paper to make wasps think that your property is already someone else’s territory.


Maintain Outdoor Fixtures

Make sure the fixtures on the outside of your house are well maintained. You can keep wasps from moving in by making sure all fixtures are regularly cleaned. And be sure to inspect the exterior of your home for any small openings or crevices that might serve as good spots for wasps to build a nest.


Grow Plants that Can Repel Wasps

There are certain plants that wasps do not like to be around. By planting things like mint, citronella, and eucalyptus, you can keep wasps away while also enjoying some nice greenery on your deck or patio.


Deploy Wasp Traps

Sugar water traps can attract and kill wasps in your yard. There are several models you can check out. You can also look into making your own.


Call the Experts

When all else fails, wasp treatment can be the best option. By calling the experts at Preventive Pest Control, you can get rid of wasps and enjoy your yard and patio. Our wasp services are safe and effective, and once we get rid of the wasps, you can use the other tips above to help keep them away!