Guide to Mice Prevention in the Summer

You might think that mice are really only a problem during the winter, but even during the warmer seasons, disease-ridden mice are still scurrying about causing problems. In fact, mice are even more active in the summer. Don’t wait for the pests to move in before you talk to an expert pest control specialist about a mouse prevention plan that’s perfect for your home. Take action now and keep mice out of your home and off of your property. These residential pest control tips will help you get started.


Outside Your Home

  1. Cut vegetation away from your house.
  2. Remove piles of junk and debris so mice have fewer places to hide.
  3. Don’t leave out any uneaten pet food.
  4. Pick up fruit that may have fallen from trees in your yard.
  5. Look for holes around your house’s foundation and fill them with caulk, plaster, cement, or steel wool.


Inside Your Home

  1. Keep your food in metal or heavy plastic containers. Make sure they are sealed airtight.
  2. Keep your floors and counters crumb-free. Even just a few crumbs here and there can attract a mouse.
  3. Seal any cracks in the walls or floors. Mix steel wool with caulking compound for a great sealant. Remember: mice can squeeze through cracks as tight as a ¼ inch in diameter.
  4. Seal openings for water pipes or vents.
  5. Stock up on mouse traps and know the best placement options in your home.


How We Can Help

Mice are small, quick, and very resourceful, so bringing in an expert to prevent them from overrunning your house is a good idea. At Preventive Pest Control, we specialize in commercial and residential pest control. We know the damage mice can do, and we provide fast, affordable, and reliable pest control solutions to stop them. Our pest control specialists know exactly how to get rid of mice once and for all, how to identify and seal off any current or possible points of entry around your home, and how to help you create and implement a pest control plan that’s perfect for your home. Contact us today to protect your home.