5 Signs of a Rodent Infestation in Your Home

Rodents are unwelcome visitors in just about any home. They can wreak havoc on your wiring, spoil your food, and create unsanitary living conditions if left untreated. With all the damage they can do, you’d think it would be obvious when rodents have come to inhabit your home.

But unfortunately, many rodent problems go undetected for far too long.

Learn the signs of rodent infestation to keep your family safe.

1.Foul Smells

If you have a rodent infestation, you can often just follow your nose to find the problem. Rodents can leave behind foul smells like urine odors, droppings, and the smell of dead animals. Even if you can’t see the problem, you can often smell it.

2. Gnaw Marks

Sometimes residents don’t realize that the clues of rodent infestation are right before their eyes. Rodents love chewing on wiring and walls, so look for rub and gnaw marks low to the ground.

3. Scurrying Sounds

At night and in the early morning, keep an ear out for unusual sounds in your home. These scurrying and scampering sounds can often be heard in the walls, pantries, and cupboards when the lights are out.

4. Unusual Pet Behavior

Though you may not see, smell, or hear any signs of rodents, your pets may be another good indicator of a problem. Look out for pets who seem to be on the hunt for something, spend time near doors, or seem to be curious about the walls. This could be a sign of a problem.

5. Rodent Runways

Rodents like to follow a similar path as they come and go from your house. Along these paths, you will find droppings, food crumbs, nests, and smudge marks from urine and footprints.


Along with the signs of rodent infestation, we think it’s important to mention some preventive measures you can take to keep these problems from starting in the first place. First, check your home for any small holes, cracks, or entryways where a rodent could enter. Even large rats can get into a space with a hole the size of a quarter, so don’t underestimate the problem if you find a potential entry point.

You can also prevent pests by keeping food in tightly sealed containers and always cleaning up crumbs and leftovers. Lastly, preventive measure can be taken by getting regular pest control by the experts at Preventive Pest Control. If you live in Utah and need a rodent exterminator, call us today.