Where Do Pests Go For Winter?

When the temperatures grow frigid, the natural inclination is to cozy up, stay inside, and maybe even put on a few pounds (if we’re being honest). In some degree, hibernation is a tendency of all living creatures. And while we all hear that birds fly south for the winter, what about the pests?

They may seem to disappear for the cold months and then pop out of nowhere when the sun starts to thaw things out. But we’re here to shed some light on where all those bugs and rodents go when the temperatures drop.

Migration, hibernation, and overwintering

There are a few different ways most pests usually deal with the cold weather. Because most of them can’t produce enough body heat to keep warm in the cold climates, they usually take some form of retreat. That retreat may include migration, hibernation, overwintering, or even death.

Migration means that the pests make a seasonal movement from one region to another. Like birds, some insects migrate to a warmer climate. Other pests will hibernate, though this usually applies to larger mammals. This means the animal spends the winter inactive in a small space for shelter. Insects like ladybugs, wasps, and mosquitoes fall into this category and will find shelter under trees, leaves or rock crevices.

Finally, many pests will survive the winter by overwintering, meaning they wait out the winter season in a warmer location. Though some pests will find shelter outside, many pests, like mice, rats, and spiders, look for buildings and even homes as a retreat from the cold. And unlike hibernators, pests who overwinter continue to be active during this time.

What to Do When You Encounter Winter Pests

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