Why Residents and Businesses Should Consider Pest Control Services During Fall & Winter

In the spring and summer months, pests are either just waking from their long winter’s nap, or kicking up their game and growing more active and reproducing. While it’s easy to see why you need Utah pest control during these times of the year, it might not be as easy to see why you need it during the fall and winter.

So the big question is, do you really need pest control services during these colder months?

Pests Never Rest

While the climate in most of Utah is frigid during the winter months, and the majority of pests do hibernate or freeze to death, there are some pests that never really go away. Think of your basement or crawlspace—can you think of a time these spaces are completely free of spiders or cobwebs? House spiders are called house spiders for a reason—they reside within your home where the temperature remains comfortable regardless of the time of year, and there is no shortage of places to hide or bugs to eat.

So even when you’re not seeing the usual signs of bugs and pests on the exterior of your home, you can still find them on the interior.

More Likely to Come Inside

As mentioned, the interior of your home is a comfortable and welcoming place with food, water, and everything a pest needs to stay alive. And what better place for a pest to vacation during the winter months than indoors? The cold weather has a tendency to push pests inside to find these life-sustaining comforts, and unfortunately, that means you’re more likely to have pests end up inside your house.

Fall is Pest Season

As temperatures drop in the fall, some people seem to forget just how active pests become during this time of year—do not be one of those people. As fields are being harvested, spiders, mice, and nearly every other kind of pest are pushed from their summer home and left to find a new place to live, making them more likely to seek refuge in and around your home even if they weren’t present during the summer.

This is the time of year when the queen wasp looks for a place to hibernate for the winter that will be a good nest come the following spring, and other pests search frantically for the last food they need to gather before winter. With the help of a Utah pest control specialist, you can identify the areas in your home where pests are present or may gain access, and take precautions to keep them out or get rid of them altogether.

Better Safe Than Sorry

It may sound appealing to stop your pest control service during the fall and winter months and save a few dollars, but is it really worth the risk?

Whether you’re looking for Utah commercial pest control or residential services for your home, we can help! Call Preventive Pest Control today and learn more about what we can do to protect your home from pests.