Spring is upon us! While it’s a time for spring cleaning and refreshing your indoor space, it’s also a time to get back to working in the yard.

If you’re someone who spends lazy summer evenings in the grass with your family, now is the time to care for your lawn. Read on for 3 spring lawn care tips every homeowner should incorporate for lush, green grass this summer.

1. Don’t Overwater

In early spring, the grass gets plenty of moisture from the rain. Don’t rush into turning on the sprinklers regularly just yet. The ground can be a little dry on top since the growing begins at the roots deep in the ground.

2. Fill in Blank Patches

Your lawn can survive winter and seasons of drought and still make a comeback, but often you will notice blank patches that need a little extra care. Fill in patches that are struggling with seed or sod. Prepare the soil by removing weeds and loosening the area with a rake before planting.

3. Wait to Fertilize

Fertilizer is an important element of a healthy lawn, but spring is not the time to apply it. This will give your lawn a boost in growth, but it will also encourage weeds. Wait at least a month before you start applying fertilizer.

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